Tuesday, December 4, 2007

All About Pet Rabbit Reproduction

Sexing baby rabbits

It isn't always easy for us humans to sex young rabbits. Rabbits know immediately when they
meet! Behavior doesn’t always help in identifying the sex of a rabbit. Mounting is dominance behavior and both sexes will do this, often the females more than the males. Both males and females will dig and act aggressive as they enter puberty. Males will take 6 weeks after neutering to be completely without testosterone in their system. If you have an unspayed female, please be sure to separate. Females have an 85% of having uterine cancer by age 5 years of age if they are not spayed. For the sake of the health of your female rabbit, please have them spayed and give them 10 days or two weeks to recover before putting them back in the same cage with another rabbit. (You can house them next to another rabbit (put a few inches between the cages).


Turn your rabbit over on it’s back. (This is way easier said than done!) Hold the rabbit with its head lower than its hind legs. Within a few seconds, the rabbit should start to relax. Separate his hind legs with one hand while firmly holding him with the other. If you aren’t experienced in putting a bunny into a trance on their back, then get someone to help you and hold the bunny on his back on a flat surface. Be very gentle. Work fast. This position is uncomfortable for a rabbit. Speak softly to your rabbit and be careful! The rabbit is scared of being in such a vulnerable position. If you don't think you can do this, there are alternatives. But if you can, here's how to tell if you have a boy or girl rabbit.


If you put some slight pressure above the sexual organs you will see either a circle or slit. In an adult rabbit, it will be clear to tell what sex rabbit you have by the presence of testicles in males. In young rabbits however, these are not yet apparent so you have to go by the appearance of the genital opening. The male has a circle shape, whereas the female has a vertical slit. Be sure to look at the right hole - the anus is on top and the genitalia below!

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